Welcome to Cloudy Lemonade

First of all, thank-you for checking out my blog and reading my first post.

Cloudy lemonade is a technical blog, written by myself with a focus on Cloud computing, specifically Microsoft Azure and Windows Server OS.

Similar to many others in IT, i have gained a number of Official Microsoft Certifications. During my revision for the exams, I noticed that its very difficult to find simple, useful and concise documentation regarding Azure. This is not only an issue for revision, but also when used as a reference for my job. The Official Microsoft Azure documentation is very good, but can also be daunting for less experienced readers. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to start this blog.

My own improvement is another driving force behind this blog. I’m hoping it will not only improve my technical knowledge but also my writing skills. It will also be a great place to store my notes and tutorials.

The aim is to create a free, clear and concise blog that is updated weekly with a focus on technical Azure documentation. Posts will be long form articles with a focus on a specific service usually accompanied by relevant tutorials.

The ideal audience of this blog are IT Professionals looking to know more about Cloud computing. Professionals completing a Microsoft certificate or anyone who is interested in Cloud Computing, Windows Servers and IT.

Thank-you for reading my blog. I hope you continue to use this blog as a source of education.

Anthony C 🙂



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